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The human race is a very dynamic race so much that their lives are littered with changes and modifications in the way they conduct their day to day affairs. They have to adapt to these changes with time. Many of these changes involve new inventions and better techniques. In the past, there was very little that man could do about the climate and so he moved constantly. He also moved so that he could be able to get food for survival. The movement also meant he had to keep changing shelter.

With time, the idea of clothing came in place and from then onwards, life has never been the same for man. Since then, there have been several changes in the idea of clothing. With time, changes were made to the clothing and several colors and designs were made. The idea of creativity has pushed man to create several fabrics and this has made clothing quite dynamic. After the issue of discovery of clothes was well established, there came an issue with variety of clothing. There being so many fabrics, colors and designs, the idea of naming came in place.

The naming and classification of these clothes came after a while. Before then though, mad had to ensure that he settles down with shelter, food and clothing available. After a while, there came the need to keep the body performing well so that several feats could be met with ease. This is where the idea of body fitness began to come into play. This was married with the idea of amusement and fun. With time, it became apparent that some sort of clothing had to be made for the amusement which had become sport. The custom sweat pants almost automatically emerged as the solution for people to safeguard their legs.

This is where and why the issue of athletics came into play. In the start, there were particular athletes who would wear the sweatpants but with time, it became easier to have several people wearing the sweatpants irrespective of what game they were playing. This gave birth to the sports manufacturing giants who were focused on producing these outfits for the sportsmen or whoever else wanted to wear similar outfits. By all means, the companies had to ensure that they branded their items. With time, people began to wear these sports clothes as a form of fashion with the logo fully exposed and all.